Mitsubishi – Collaborating on e-Factory


April 2019

Mitsubishi – Collaborating on e-Factory

George Paterson

Regional Manager




George is responsible for the Mitsubishi Automation Business in Scotland with our team operating from our Automation Centre in Livingston. From our Automation Centre we service all aspects of our business for our clients in Scotland. George will be on hand both days to answer any automation queries you may have.

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Mitsubishi Automation and SP Technology are working together on design, application, and implementation of e-Factory concept at one of the largest manufacturing sites in Scotland. To hear more about Mitsubishi and SP Technology, register to attend our Automation and Robotics Expo below.


SP Technology – Automation & Robotics

Join the automation engineering experts at SP Technology’s premises in Dundee for our two-day Automation & Robotics Expo: Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th of May 2019, 09:30 am – 15:00 pm.


What Mitsubishi Has to Say About the Expo

“See and hear about the state of the art automation solutions for production processes together with major global suppliers in partnership.

SP Technology has a first class pedigree in designing, building and supplying integrated automation solutions together with global manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric. SP Technology and Mitsubishi Electric have been in partnership for 25 years delivering solutions to a wide area of application in industries such as process, packaging and pharmaceutical.

Mitsubishi Electric will be discussing how the skill and expertise of SP Technology has used a complete control platform provided by Mitsubishi Electric, to deliver a platform featuring a safety system and continuing with the clients Industry 4.0 ethos, for one of the largest manufacturing companies in the UK”


Automation Expo

Our Automation and Robotics Expo is for anyone who would like to see what options are available to allow them to consider automation. Regardless of your business, medical device manufacturing, biscuit manufacturing, aerospace components, or welding, this is the automation event where you can see it all come together. As well as discover more information on how to Finance Automated Systems.

If you are looking to attend an automation expo that will be informative and practical, then please register for this popular event at one of the UK’s Leading Automation Company’s. Register today using the form below, letting us know if you are also interested in attending any of our breakout sessions.


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