Automated Assembly

August 2019

SP Automation & Robotics has years of experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of assembly systems as well as a range of assembly and testing in a wide range of industries. Automating production processes from single assembled parts to a more fully automated assembly line is where SP Automation & Robotics expertise thrives. We have helped to automate industries such as food and drink and packaging right through to medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Automatic assembly machines can help not only keep up to date with the demand of modern-day production but also keep businesses from having to go overseas. From simple, standalone poka yoke mechanical devices to fully automated assembly lines, we have the knowledge and experience to provide cutting-edge automation solutions to improve OEE, efficiency and productivity.

Bespoke assembly machines; Flexible automatic machines, Automation systems, Semi or fully automated, production line, Semi or fully automated assembly line, Sorting turnkey solutions and system integration and development.



Automated Assembly

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Assembly & Testing
  • Robotic Handling
  • Pick & Place
  • Automated Part Handling & Orientating


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