Project Planning

The system used to keep track of automation projects within SP Automation & Robotics has been refined over the years, with almost every team member having input into this planning.


The ideal scenario would be for every project to go smoothly from start to finish. Therefore, project planning is vital to creating a successful automated solution. At SP Automation & Robotics, we understand this is not always the case, with reliance on bought-in supply chains being just one area that can make projects slip.


Identifying these slippages as early as possible is just as important to the client as it is to SP Automation & Robotics, but what’s more important is understanding how any delays will be negated.


Weekly updates are given to the client via a project plan or project update meeting, either by phone or video conference, so they can see the progress. This allows for a transparent approach, ensuring all stakeholders know where the project is at each stage. Slippage recovery will be discussed, and a plan of action will be put in place to ensure the project is put back on track with the agreed schedule. 


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