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With a 38-year track record, SP Automation & Robotics designs and builds bespoke automated systems tailored to meet our customers’ diversified requirements. Our innovative team have successfully provided over 1000 systems worldwide for automating solutions for medical devices, food and drink, and white goods, amongst many more industries. Each problem requires a unique solution, and our ability to understand the process and engage with our clients is what differentiates us from other machine builders.


Sales & Applications

We understand the importance of our client’s time and also our own. Understanding client’s requirements is paramount to be able to come up with a solution to suit their needs.

At SP Automation & Robotics, our sales and application engineers are essentially the same. Being trained engineers they have the ability to discuss the technical details of your requirements, to allow them to come back very quickly with a solution or feedback.



With bespoke automation, it is sometimes difficult to compare solutions from two or three solution providers, with differences in costs, concept and overall detail. Our approach is simple and transparent. At the outset, we produce a high-level proposal and cost to ensure this meets the approximate criteria.

Transparency is key to making a partnership work, and with any client, SP Automation & Robotics will sit down with them to show the exact breakdown of any machine project. This serves two purposes, the first showing transparency, and the second showing that we have actually covered and looked at the application in detail.


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