SP Automation & Robotics design and build bespoke automated systems tailored to meet our customers’ diversified requirements, using a range of technologies from our world-leading suppliers.

SP-EZPal Palletiser
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Automated Palletising

Automating the palletising of products can not only increase throughput but also remove possible injuries caused by manual handling. Some processes may only require palletising at the end of the... Read more

Special purpose machinery
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Special Purpose Machinery

Considered one of the top special purpose machinery automation machine builders in the UK, SP Automation & Robotics has almost 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke custom... Read more

SP Automation & Robotics automated assembly system
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Automated Assembly

SP Automation & Robotics has years of experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of assembly systems as well as a range of assembly and testing in... Read more

Assembly automation, fire alarms on conveyor
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Indexing & Transport Systems

An automation system uses various types of indexing & transport systems to pass the product from one operation to the next until the assembly or test process is complete, resulting... Read more

Automation vision system
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Feeding & Handling

Integrating automatic feeding & handling as well as orientation systems for even the most fragile of parts allows for high speed and high volume reliability, minimal changeover and almost eliminates... Read more

Universal Robots cobot and persons hand
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Robotics Systems Integrator UK

One of the top robotic systems integrators in the UK, SP Automation & Robotics partners with leading robotics manufacturers to ensure the correct system is selected when looking to automate... Read more

Cognex vision inspection equipment
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Vision Systems & Inspection

SP Automation & Robotics integrates vision inspection systems to ensure high-speed quality control requirements for 100% inspection, and our systems have been developed over the years in a diverse range... Read more

SP Automation & Robotics automation system energy efficient control panel
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Control Systems

SP Automation & Robotics control systems range from small, simple control circuits through to highly complex control panels for controlling complete production lines. There are many benefits to these, including;... Read more

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