System Build and Commissioning

From the outset of a project, we dedicate a machine builder who liaises with the project team throughout the duration of the project.

Each machine build is allocated a build bay, where a stringent stock control system is used to ensure tracking of both purchased and manufactured parts. Stock control is crucial to allow us to build each project to a schedule.

The build phase is controlled using a build file, where all machine-related information is stored, ensuring the build team has the correct information. As with any machine build, changes are required, and this file is also used to track changes.


Clients are encouraged to visit throughout the duration of the build phase to allow them to see progress but also to give their own personnel an opportunity to have input on particular build elements.

FATs are carried out in conjunction with the client’s agreed IQ, OQ and PQ requirements.

The Installation and commissioning phase, which will have been agreed upon with the client, ensures the product is available, and the necessary personnel are onsite for operator training and commissioning.


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