Vision Systems & Inspection

February 2019

SP Automation & Robotics integrates vision inspection systems to ensure high-speed quality control requirements for 100% inspection, and our systems have been developed over the years in a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceuticals and food and drink. We work with only the best visual inspection system providers in the UK and help decide which system is correct for your bespoke machine. From simple intelligent vision systems to full-colour pixel camera recognition systems, we work with you to suit your quality control requirements. A bespoke software package? PLC platforms? Operating software and hardware catered for?


Vision Systems Applications have included:

  • Quality control checks
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Glass disc vision inspection
  • Surface defects
  • Food quality inspection
  • Code reading
  • Blister and tablet inspection
  • Batch sorting for colour and size
  • Orientation


Vision Systems Key Features/Benefits:

  • Automatic Quality Assurance and Control
  • Advantage in your Industry
  • Reducing Defects
  • Improving Product Quality


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