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September 2019

SP Automation integrates the latest technologies into our bespoke automated machines, including those for feeding & part handling. These include vibratory bowl feeders, which are used to feed small individual components into another part of the machine one by one, rotated in a specific direction to be assembled on production lines. The feeders work by subtly shaking the parts within the bowl so that they travel along a conveyor, shaped to fit the specific part so that they are all gradually aligned, leaving the feeders one by one all in the same orientation. Different coatings are applied to each bowl depending on the size, shape and material of the component that is to be fed.


Vibratory feeders can be used by a number of manufacturing industries, including:

Feeding Systems

Bowl Feeders / Vibrating Feeders that consist of a bowl top with a spiral track internally, component parts travel from the bottom to the top of the bowl on a track due to the vibration of the bowl.

Centrifugal Feeders / Rotary Feeders have a conical central-driven rotor which is surrounded by a circular bowl wall. The component parts are separated using rotary force at high speed, pulling the parts outside of the bowl.

Step Feeders component parts are gathered by the hopper, which has elevating plates to pre-sort the parts upwards until the correct transfer height is reached. Key to the step feeder is the reduction in noise, as no vibration is required.

Linear Feeders use horizontal feeding of components and travel both short and relatively long distances and, therefore, can act as buffer storage.

Carpet Feeders are used when step feeders or bowl feeders are not suitable. These tend to be used for more fragile parts.

3-Axis Vibration Feeders use robotic part feeders and a vibratory plate to distribute parts evenly on a level surface to then be picked up by an industrial robot. This type of feeder allows for extremely high performance of flexible part handling/feeding, part handling orientation and optimal surface distribution of bulk parts and components.


Why choose SP Technology to develop your feeding & handling automated system?

  • Cutting edge high volume and high-speed feeding systems with optimum handling and reliability give you a competitive edge!
  • Eliminate ‘downtime’ with minimal changeover required between different product types.
  • SP Technology can integrate a feeding system into your existing production line, or we can design, develop and build a new one tailored to your production for part handling of the most complex and fragile parts.
  • Continuous innovation process, global support, excellent communication.
  • Our testimonials speak for themselves!

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