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Revolutionising the Battery Industry: Automation in Assembly, Testing, and Packaging


In an age where technology is rapidly advancing, automation has become a crucial factor in increasing efficiency and reducing costs in various industries. The battery industry, being at the heart... Read more

Embracing the Future: The Upskilling Revolution Driven by Automation


In the modern business landscape, the advent of automation technologies is often perceived with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. While concerns about job displacement are valid, there is a... Read more

Celebrating Scottish Apprenticeship Week: Empowering Through Engineering and Bespoke Automation

Like many other engineering companies, SP Automation and Robotics completely understand the need for bringing apprentices through the ranks by combining offsite training at colleges and practical hands-on training at... Read more

Unleashing Excellence: The Profound Benefits of Bespoke Automated Machinery


In the dynamic realm of industrial automation, bespoke automated machinery emerges as a strategic asset, offering a spectrum of benefits that transcend standardisation. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, bespoke automation is a... Read more

Revolutionising the Pharmaceutical Industry with Automation and Robotics


In a world where technology is advancing at breakneck speed, the pharmaceutical industry is not left behind. With the help of automation and robotics, this sector has undergone a significant... Read more

Top Applications of a Robotic Palletiser in the Food and Drinks Industry

Robotic palletisers play a crucial role in the food and beverage industry by automating the process of stacking and palletising products. These systems offer increased efficiency, accuracy, and hygiene, making... Read more

SP Elements Launch SP-EZPal Palletising System

SP Elements has launched a cobot palletising system, the SP-EZPal Palletiser.   The SP-EZPal palletiser was designed by SP Elements' parent division, SP Automation & Robotics, which has been providing... Read more

Main Sponsor at Scotland Manufacturing Exhibition

Scotland Manufacturing & Supply Chain Exhibition & Conference Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow 25th October 2023   Register HERE for this amazing event.   SP Automation & Robotics is the main... Read more

What Influences the Cost of a Cobot Palletiser?

A cobot palletiser, short for “collaborative robot palletiser,” is a type of industrial automation system used to stack and organise products onto pallets in a manufacturing, warehouse, or distribution setting.... Read more

The Benefits of Automatic Medical Device Manufacturing, Explained


For any manufacturer operating in the healthcare sector, production efficiency is essential. Automation can significantly increase production efficiency and can also boost automation production efficiency by up to 30%! In... Read more
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