Automated Medical Device & Assembly Systems


August 2018

SP Automation & Robotics has an exhaustive history of designing and manufacturing top-class, bespoke Automated Medical Device & Assembly Systems for the medical device assembly industry. With an extensive knowledge of this extremely regulated industry, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technologies that give our clients a confidential competitive edge. Our expertise in the medical industry has allowed us to build established long-lasting relationships with several highly respected blue-chip companies. Recognising that the medical industry is continuously growing and developing, SP Automation & Robotics has helped our clients stay at the top of their field with cutting-edge technology in both R&D and Production.

Each piece of our bespoke automated equipment is engineered to meet your long-term production goals, including quality and increased throughput. Each design is carefully considered, ensuring they are versatile, modular, adaptable to future needs, in accordance with the GAMP 5 guide and suitable for use within cleanrooms.



Our automated machines also embrace Industry 4.0 to complement our clients ever-evolving “smart factories”, having the ability to self-monitor and continually optimise their parameters as they run and react to changes throughout the production process. With the use of IoT (Internet of Things), it is now possible for the systems to autonomously react to changes or, if required, call for human intervention.


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