Beckhoff – Future Motion = Future Machines = Future Factories


April 2019

Beckhoff – Future Motion = Future Machines = Future Factories

Alan Smith

General Manager




Alan Smith has worked for Beckhoff in a variety of roles, starting as a Project Engineer in 2001. He spent 8 years focussing on projects and support across a number of sectors. Leaving Beckhoff for a while, he spent a few years working in the O&G and marine industries, including the development of key systems on DSV.

He returned to Beckhoff in his current role, setting up a regional office in Glasgow. Beckhoff are world leaders in PC-based control systems and provide the foundational technologies and tools needed today to implement Industry 4.0 concepts and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, all via PC-based control.


Beckhoff has launched a series of cutting edge new motion products. These allow the machines of the future to be realised now, with flexible topologies and quick product change times. These are key to the Future Factories concept, which is part of the general Industry 4.0 focus. We’ll discuss these new technologies, and give insight into how these can help deliver modular, flexible machines.


SP Technology – Automation & Robotics

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Automation Expo

Our Automation and Robotics Expo is for anyone who would like to see what options are available to allow them to consider automation. Regardless of your business, medical device manufacturing, biscuit manufacturing, aerospace components, or welding, this is the automation event where you can see it all come together.

If you are looking to attend an automation expo that will be informative and practical, then please register for this popular event at one of the UK’s Leading Automation Company’s. Register today using the form below, letting us know if you are also interested in attending any of our breakout sessions.


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