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October 2021

Are you looking to take your business forward but are worried about budgets?

Moving to automation has never been easier. Universal Robots collaborative robots can help you start generating profit from day one. Start payments in 2022, spreading your costs over a 36 month period with a 0% leasing rate.


Introducing UR’s financing programme

Combat cost and labour uncertainty with cost-effective collaborative automation. You could be achieving automation excellence today and worrying about payment in 2022. UR’s leasing options will allow your business to pay as you go over a 36 month period with the choice of paying outright at the end or trading for a newer model. You’ll find;

  • Reduced initial contribution
  • Get the equipment you need to grow
  • Flexibility in cash flow
  • Low prices
  • Flexible end of contract clauses
  • Tax and credit benefits


Discover the benefits

Implementing a collaborative robot will allow your business to achieve:

  • Increased workplace productivity
  • Increased efficiency and product quality
  • Unlimited potential
  • 24/7 manufacturing
  • Increased ROI


Find out more about financing your robot with Universal Robots contact Braden Henderson  – 07761 514749 or [email protected]




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