Pick and place robot applications


May 2020

Applications for pick and place robots

Pick and place robots are often used in manufacturing but are also used in applications such as packaging, bin picking and inspection. Here’s a look at a few of the most common applications for pick and place robots and how they’re used.

  1. Assembly – Pick and place robots used in assembly applications grab incoming parts from one location, such as a conveyor, and place or affix the part on another piece of the item. The two joined parts are then transported to the next assembly area.
  2. Packaging – Pick and place robots used in the packaging process grab items from an incoming source or designated area and place the items in a packaging container.
  3. Bin picking – Pick and place robots used in bin picking applications grab parts or items from bins. These pick and place robots typically have advanced vision systems allowing them to distinguish color, shape and size to pick the right items even from bins containing randomly mixed items. These parts or items are then sent to another location for assembly or packaging.
  4. Inspection – Pick and place robots used for inspection applications are equipped with advanced vision systems to pick up objects, detect anomalies and remove defective parts or items by placing them in a designated location.



Benefits of pick and place robots

The primary benefits of pick and place robots are speed and consistency. Robots can be customized to meet specific production requirements, and they’re easily programmable so they can be used for multiple applications. While designs vary, pick and place robots are often small in size and lightweight, making them ideal for use in projects where space is limited.

Pick and place robots help to increase output, aiding with the picking and packaging processes in warehouse settings. They also provide good ROI to manufacturers. In both settings, pick and place robots relieve associates and operators of monotonous, repetitive work, which boosts productivity while alleviating the physical strain on human workers that commonly results from performing these types of tasks.


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