SP Automation & Robotics is an ABB value provider what does this mean?


November 2020

SP Automation & Robotics is an ABB value provider but what does this mean?


The ABB Value Provider Program is a global channel partner program. Aimed at distributors, wholesalers, panel builders, installers, service providers, system integrators and or power product OEMs. Authorised members of this premium program are called ABB Value Providers.


ABB Value Provider

ABB Value Provider… what does it mean?

The authorisation program is a procedure to guarantee that the services the customer receives from the ABB Value Providers are on the same leading level as the quality of the ABB products.

Once authorised as ABB Value Provider, the partners have in-depth knowledge of local markets and are conversant with the defined ABB products and processes.

As an automation machine builder,  SP Automation & Robotics, has been installing ABB robots for many years, across multiple industries and applications. From medical device, pharma, food and drink (including distilleries), semiconductor and many more, for applications such as assembly, packaging and high-speed placement.



ABB Value Provider


ABB Flexi Picker - ABB Value Provider

“SP Automation & Robotics fit well into our Value Provider program as they fill a gap for some application areas that we didn’t currently have a Value Provider in the UK. SP Automation & Robotics are uniquely placed in the UK and have an incredibly strong track record and customer base. The award of Value Provider really cements ABB Robotics’ commitment to SP Automation & Robotics and vice-versa. Through the value provider programme we will now be able to build further on the brilliant work that SP Automation & Robotics has been doing with ABB Robotics for many years. We’re delighted to welcome SP Automation & Robotics to our Value provider family. We look forward to developing our working relationship even further.” Steve Banton ABB Robotics Channel Partner. 


Our in-house expertise allows us to fully integrate and support the ABB family from concept through to final installation across the UK and further afield.


ABB Value Provider


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