Videojet to showcase their printing capabilities


May 2018

SP Technology are proud to announce that Videojet will be showcasing both their Continuous Inkjet printer and Laser Marking System. We use these within our bespoke process and production machines for decorative marking to high-speed code marking and on various products on a range of different materials, allowing our highly skilled engineers to tailor each automated machine to suit a specific solution.

The Videojet 1860 Continuous Inkjet printer provides advanced warning of clogging and EHT trips. The new SIMPLICiTY™ interface greatly reduces operator interactions, and the optional VideojetConnect™ Remote Service minimises the need for on-site service calls.

The Videojet 1860 Continuous Inkjet printer helps your team reset the bar for performance. Predictive capabilities provide up to 8 hours advanced notification of the most common downtime generating faults under normal operating conditions. With the SIMPLICiTY™ interface, operating the 1860 will become second nature for your team. And with optional VideojetConnect™ Remote Service, your team can access Videojet experts to help improve productivity and troubleshoot potential issues in ways that other printers can’t.

Performance without surprises:

  • Predictive capabilities provide up to 8 hours advanced notification of the most common downtime generating faults under normal operating conditions
  • An industry-first ink build-up sensor provides advance warning of clogging and EHT trips
  • Recover in minutes from unplanned interruptions with optional VideojetConnect™ Remote Service – minimising the need for on-site service calls

Natural fit in your line:

  • Lower your cost of operation with up to 20% more efficient solvent usage*
  • Withstands harsh washdown environments
  • Hygienic design following industry guidelines
  • Innovative printhead design improves speed by up to 20% in certain applications
  • Integrate with factory systems using standard industry protocols with optional workflow modules * Compared to existing 1000 Line models

Minimal touch design:

  • Significantly reduce operator error through advanced Code Assurance
  • Access guided, embedded video instruction for routine printer tasks
  • Complete your preventive maintenance with 3 easy-to-replace SmartCell™ components
  • Access technical experts at the touch of a button through VideojetConnect™ Remote Service

The Videojet 3020 Laser Marking System is specifically designed to meet simple coding applications across a wide range of substrates. It’s simple to set-up and operate, and flexible enough to accommodate changing production demands.


Simple Usability keeps operators focused on production, not on the printer:

  • Touchscreen user interface has built-in tools and wizards that guide you through code creation, job set-up and changeover to reduce operator errors
  • Extra-large marking field enables accurate coding in multiple locations, enabling more content to be marked across a larger area
  • Print at speeds up to 500 characters/sec
  • Maximum line speed of 60 m/min (197 ft/min)

Uptime Advantage keeps productivity up and costs down:

  • Portable and lightweight, the 3020 is designed to aid simple changeover. Setting up for different size products takes less than 20 minutes by adjusting the 3020’s mobile stand
  • Long-life laser tube provides years of reliable operation

Delivering consistent high-quality codes across a range of simple applications:

  • Scribing technology produces clear, high-quality marks on both moving and stationary products
  • Internal laser cooling, built upon efficient laser design, does not require external air sources, saving money
  • Compact, self-contained design integrates nicely in existing production lines; the 3020 can be positioned in a variety of angles and heights


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