Feeding & Handling

May 2019

Integrating automatic feeding & handling as well as orientation systems for even the most fragile of parts allows for high speed and high volume reliability, minimal changeover and almost eliminates production downtime giving production a competitive edge.


Feeding & Handling

SP Automation & Robotics integrates a wide range of both linear and conveyor feed systems, hopper and elevator systems and bowl and centrifugal feeders. High volume production can be automated efficiently with high speed automated part handling. Over the years we have built up a reputation in the automation and parts handling industry due to our wealth of experience working with such a diverse range of industries, including; automotive, pharma, medical, electronics, packaging, food and beverage, plastics, munitions and cosmetics. Giving them a competitive advantage with automation, providing them with the most robust and reliable equipment on the market.


Key Features/Benefits:

  • High speed
  • High volume
  • Complex and fragile parts
  • Integrate into new or existing production
  • Minimal changeover
  • Avoidance of future bottlenecks
  • Leading edge technology
  • Optimum handling
  • Manufacturing to meet highest demands of pharma and food industries
  • Robust and reliable


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