What Influences the Cost of a Cobot Palletiser?

August 2023

A cobot palletiser, short for “collaborative robot palletiser,” is a type of industrial automation system used to stack and organise products onto pallets in a manufacturing, warehouse, or distribution setting. Unlike traditional Industrial robotic palletisers, SP cobot palletisers are designed to allow simple reprogramming and configuration to ensure complete flexibility whilst ensuring that safety is not ignored.



Although collaborative robots are designed to work closely with human workers, safety has to be considered and correctly risk assessed in palletising applications.

The SP-EZPal is one of the safest palletisers on the market, and here is why;

On slow-moving pallet applications, it may be possible to have the cobot palletiser unguarded and rely on its force-limiting technology to ensure the operator is unharmed should they come into contact with the cobot during operation. However, in most applications, guarding will be required as it is likely that the cobot will be moving faster than what is classed as collaborative speeds.


Safety Scanners

The SP-EZPal palletiser has this covered by incorporating three internal scanners. The front scanner is zoned to monitor the loading and unloading of pallets. Two internal scanners ensure that in the event of a person being inside the palletiser pallet position whilst the robot is palletising on the opposite side, breaking the internal scanner beam will stop the robot.

A pallet stacking falling for whatever reason would also stop the system. This ensures both personnel and machinery are protected. These scanners also ensure that the palletiser can operate at full speed, even during pallet changeovers.

External Guarding

External guarding protects personnel during normal operation; this guarding can be configured to suit your application.

Consideration must also taken into account with regards to the cobot end of arm tooling to ensure no hazards are created by this, and again this is where our approach to safety ensures a safe operating system.


These palletisers can be programmed to handle a variety of products and packaging types, making them versatile for different industries and applications. They can efficiently palletise products, increasing production speed and accuracy while also reducing the physical strain on human workers.


Factors that Influence the Cost?

The cost of a cobot palletiser can be influenced by several factors, which can vary based on the specific needs and requirements of the application. Here are some key factors that can affect the cost:


  • Payload Capacity: The maximum weight the cobot can handle affects its cost. A cobot with a higher payload capacity will generally be more expensive. Universal Robots cobots range vary from a 3kg payload up to 20kg, with the UR10e and the UR20 being the most commonly used in palletising applications.


  • Reach and Range: The reach and range of the cobot refer to how far it can extend its arm and how much workspace it covers. Larger reach and range capabilities often come with a higher price. If pallet heights become a concern for reach, the robot can be mounted on a lift to allow for extended reach. Ewellix lifts combine precision and flexibility and are integrated seamlessly into a pallet solution.


  • End-of-Arm Tooling: The type of grippers, suction cups, or other end-of-arm tools needed to handle the products can significantly impact the cost. However, SP Automation & Robotics has partnered with world-leading end-of-arm tooling companies to bring the most cost-effective and reliable solutions. Where special end-of-arm tooling is required, we can design and manufacture bespoke end-of-arm tooling for your applications.


  • Sensors and Vision Systems: Advanced sensors, cameras, and vision systems that enhance the cobot’s ability to detect objects, locate items, and adjust its movements can contribute to a higher cost. On most applications, these are not required due to the word-leading, simple-to-use software that is used on our systems.


  • Programming and Integration: The complexity of programming industrial robot palletisers can be costly due to the specialised software. Paletisers such as the SP-EZPal palletiser utilise Universal Robots cobots’ which are simple to program and which lower the overall cost of the palletiser costs, but also the longer-term costs as programming can easily be carried out by personnel with little or no programming experience.


  • Control System and Software: The quality and capabilities of the cobot’s control system and software can affect its price. User-friendly interfaces, intuitive programming, and advanced software functionalities may sound more expensive but, in fact, are more cost-effective. The SP-EZPal palletisers utilise Universal Robots’ simple-to-use software and seamlessly integrate with end-of-arm tooling and other hardware, such as lifts.


  • Training and Support: SP Elements are fully accredited trainers for cobots and can provide full training and support for the cobots and palletisers. The cost might include initial training for operators and maintenance personnel.


  • Installation and Commissioning: The process of setting up, installing, and commissioning the cobot palletiser can add to the overall cost. This includes any modifications needed to the workspace, electrical connections, and other infrastructure. The SP-EZPal is simple to install and can be installed and palletising in a short space of time.


  • Warranty and Maintenance: Longer warranties and comprehensive maintenance plans can impact the initial cost, but the SP-EZPal comes with a 15-month warranty as standard, giving you peace of mind.


  • Customisation: If the cobot palletiser requires customisation to meet specific application requirements. The SP-EZPal palletiser can be customised to suit factory layouts, infeed conveyors and the integration of autonomous mobile robots.

Cobot Palletiser


Palletising solutions are not just a one-size-fits-all. The SP-EZPal palletiser has been designed and built by a world-leading UK automation solution provider, which ensures quality and standards are not compromised.

Get in touch with us so we can discuss your application and ensure you get the correct palletising solution. Learn more about the benefits of automated palletising here.


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