WeAreCOBOTS – Join the World’s Largest Virtual Collaborative Robot Expo


June 2020


WeAreCOBOTS – Join the World’s Largest Virtual Collaborative Robot Expo

16th -18th June 2020





This is your unique opportunity to engage in, in-depth conversations with experts in automation and collaborative robots all from the comfort of your home – free of charge!


Access more than 30 virtual exhibition booths, listen in on live talks by automation experts during all three days and engage in 1-1 conversations with our experts. Register now, for free!



“We Are Cobots“ boasts a multi-faceted agenda consisting of 50 live keynotes on topics such as trends and insights from leading experts, the vast possibilities of UR‘s UR+ ecosystem and how to get the best out of your cobot from Universal Robots Academy.


The expo will also have tracks with live demonstrations of innovative automation applications such as packaging & palletizing, sanding & polishing, machine tending, and screw driving. All the talks will be available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Across more than 30 virtual exhibition booths, visitors can engage in 1-to-1-conversations with UR experts as well as UR+ partners. Furthermore, they can participate in live demos of UR cobots and applications.

Learn more about the WeAreCOBOTS Agenda.





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