Vision Inspection for Quality Control at Censis Exhibition

November 2018

The quality of products is extremely important. There is a wide range of vision inspection and scanning systems that can be very helpful. These systems can be both flexible and dedicated. Utilising the correct camera system with optics and lighting together with a proven vision analysis can provide the solution for even the most challenging inspection requirements be, that high speed or difficult to inspect components.

The CENSIS event next week in Glasgow will explore the theme of disruption and disruptive technologies, in sensing, sensor systems and IOT. SP Technology will be showcasing a small system incorporating a collaborative robot with a vision inspection system attached. The combination of these two devices provides a dynamic and flexible system that can be easily transferred between lines and configured to suit different products.


Designing automated solutions for 35 years, SP technology provides small and large-scale automated solutions across the UK as well as overseas. From assembly and testing to packaging and end of line palletising for all industries, there is little we have yet to see in our ever-growing array of solutions we provide for clients.


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