The Top Seven Types of Robots


March 2019

The Top Seven Types of Robots

There are seven main types of robots;

  • Articulated
  • Cartesian
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Cylindical
  • Delta
  • Polar

Each one has additional types of robot configuration and joint configuration, the joints referring to the axes on the robotic arms.

Common Types of Industrial Robots:


The design of this robot includes rotational joints and can range from 2-10 of them. A twisting joint connects the arm to the base and the links in the arm are connected by the rotary joints. An axis is the name given to every joint and provides an additional degree motion. Commonly, industrial robots have 4 to 6 axes.


Also referred to as rectilinear or gantry robots, these Cartesian robots consist of three linear joints that use the coordinate system of X, Y & Z. Usually with a wrist attached for rotational movement.

Collaborative Robot (Cobot)

Cobots typically have a sleek shape, with no pinch points and with internal features such as motors and wires. They also have the capability to detect abnormal force. They can be programmed to stop immediately if they come into contact with humans or objects.


Often used in assembly this type of robot is mainly cylindrical and features two parallel joints, providing compliance within a single plane.


Cylindrical robots operate in a cylinder shaped space and is made up of at least one rotating joint at the bottom which uses a rotational motion and at least one prismatic joint connecting the links, moving in a linear fashion.


Working in a dome shaped area these robots look similar to spiders. These are commonly used in the pharma, food and electronics industries and can perform precise and delicate movement and are classed as one of the high speed robots.

Polar or Spherical Robots

A combination of a twisting join and two rotary joints and a linear joint connect this robotic arm to its base. A polar coordinate system is formed with the axes and they work in a spherical shaped space.



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