SMARTSHIFT Robotics – New Partnership

May 2022

SP Elements is delighted to announce that it has become a partner with SMARTSHIFT Robotics.


As a forward thinking company, we are always looking for the latest technology for our customers and finding new and exciting partners to work with. SMARTSHIFT products are an essential tool for a wide range of cobot applications.



SMARTSHIFT is a revolutionary robotic system invented for maximum flexibility and performance in production.

SMARTSHIFT tool changer system provides a quick and easy deployment of tools and allows the robot to switch autonomously between multiple tasks and tools in the same workflow in all collaborative applications. The system is universal and modular, going from manual to automatic clutches; enabling mechanical, pneumatic and electrical connections. SMARTSHIFT system ensures high compatibility on all lightweight and collaborative robots and tools independent of brands. It has a unique, patented design and functionality that ensures high strength, speed, and precision for achieving higher robot application performance.

The benefits of the SMARTSHIFT tool changing system

✓ Universal compatibility for lightweight and collaborative robots and tools

✓ Automatic exchange tool to others and perform various work tasks without stopping

✓ Use more than one tool and seamless transitions between tools

✓ Replace a faulty or worn-out tool and eliminate production stop

✓ Perform high-speed tasks with accurate precision

✓ Easy to connect and no programming skills required

✓ Lightweight components that maximize the use of robot SMARTSHIFT robot base set is another flexible system, that makes it easy to move your robot to several other workstations. The robot works and repeats the same operations on the new workstations without any reprogramming. The unique, patented design secures exact zero positioning every time.

All products are produced, inspected, and tested at their own factory in Norway.

SMARTSHIFT is profitable for any industry and application regardless of size and type of business.

SMARTSHIFT is a UR+ Partner.

What is a tool changer?

A tool changer is a device that is fixed on the wrist of the robot and allows the robotic cell to switch from one tool to another. This means that you can have several tools in the same area to complete a particular set of tasks. For example, if an operation requires assembly, testing and material handling, the tool changer can take each tool individually and switch them one after the other to complete its required tasks.


When do you need a tool changer?

Robotic tool changer is useful devices when you only have one robot station to carry out different processes.


If you would like to know more about the SMARTSHIFT range, contact Braden on 07761514749 or email [email protected]


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