How To – Pick & Place using Collaborative Robots

How To - Pick & Place using Collaborative Robots   This is the first in our series of "How-To" using Collaborative Robots. Learn how these cobots are flexible and easy... Read more



Can I Really Employ a Robot?   Most manufacturing companies have processes that are repetitive, time-consuming, costly, and in some cases dangerous. In today's climate, it is becoming more difficult... Read more

Can Labour Shortages be Solved by Cobots?


Can labour shortages be solved by Cobots - Collaborative Robots?   What is a Cobot? Universal Robots introduced the Collaborative Robot (Cobot) into the market as a commercially viable solution... Read more

Overcoming Automation Challenges in Manufacturing


Overcoming Automation Challenges in Manufacturing Automation challenges. In general, it is fair to point out that most manufacturers, regardless of their industry are finding it more and more difficult to... Read more

Benefits of Collaborative Robots


[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] 6 Benefits of Collaborative Robots (cobots) Robots are moving from behind fixed and caged locations to work stations alongside human workers. Not to mention moving from... Read more

SP Automation & Robots COVID-19 Update

Following the advice from both the Scottish and UK Government, SP Automation & Robotics has enforced its business continuity plan to protect its employees, their families and long term relationships... Read more

SP and Universal Robots sign up to new partnership

  Today (Thursday 20th February 2020) we have been announced as the first and only Scottish distribution partner of Collaborative robots (Cobots), from Universal Robots.   We have rebranded as... Read more

Collaborative Robots & Automation: Everything You Need to Know


Collaborative Robots & Automation: Everything You Need to Know There are major changes in store for the manufacturing industry. Artificial intelligence and automation are advancing to the point where they can... Read more

What Determines the Cost of Custom-Built Automated Machinery in the Medical Industry?


McKinsey and Company reported in 2017 that automated machinery is projected to impact 60% of all occupations soon. McKinsey’s research also informed them that automation would be performing one-third of operational... Read more

Bowl Feeder vs. a Vision-Guided Feed System


Bowl Feeder vs. a Vision-Guided Feed System. Automation in manufacturing is a booming industry. With more and more businesses choosing to automate some or all of their manufacturing processes, the... Read more
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