New Member of Our Applications Team

June 2020

New Start In Lockdown…

Starting a new job can be daunting at the best of times but add this to lockdown, social distancing, and the strange times we are all living in, it can make this even more of a concern. However, to succeed, we all need to adapt and not stop progressing. We are therefore delighted to announce a new member of our applications team.


Chanelle Buchan has joined our applications team, to assist with concept and quotation work within SP Automation & Robotics to help us to react and work on our customer’s applications.


Why did you want to join the SP Automation & Robotics Team?

I have always had a keen interest in engineering since high school it was my aspiration from quite a young age. I attended the University of Dundee and I am local, therefore it is nice to be employed by a local company doing what I enjoy. I have a keen interest in photography in my spare time and love being outdoors exploring.

I wanted to join SP Automation & Robotics as I believe they are at the cutting edge of automation; the varied projects and scope of work excited me as I felt I would learn and see a lot of different things within this industry through working for SP.


Why did you choose a career in automation?

I chose a career in automation as I believe it is the future of manufacturing. Furthermore, the possibilities for automation in assembling or making products across a range of industries are virtually endless, and I see it as a career where I will have lots of variation which appeals to me. I hope to excel in my new role at SP Automation & Robotics as an application engineer and in turn, develop my engineering skills throughout my career here.


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Chanelle to the team!


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