Machine Tending is the Perfect Task to Automate


May 2024

Machine tending is one of the most popular manufacturing processes to automate.


UR cobots are ideal for quickly and accurately loading and unloading parts into machines such as CNC lathes, mills, and presses, reducing downtime and increasing throughput.


For decades, human operators have performed this repetitive, physically demanding job. But as competition in the manufacturing sector becomes fiercer, new challenges arise in ensuring business continuity and profitability.


For operators, machine tending is repetitive, physically demanding work that can lead to fatigue, injuries and quality issues. For business owners, a source of unexpected events and downtime can affect production. Keeping this process manual becomes harder for everyone involved as productivity demands and the labour market change.


Universal Robots Boost Machining Production brochure
Click the photo above to download the Boost Machining Production brochure.

A collaborative automation approach, where operators work alongside cobots, can help solve the skills and workforce shortage and retain


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