SP Elements

Application: Quality Inspection

SCHOTT AG Automates Quality Inspection with OnRobot

This is an OnRobot company case study.   "In the last three years, the volume of samples here in the laboratory has increased by about 30 percent," reports Dr Engel... Read more

L’Oréal Automates Hair Research Centre Through OnRobot Collaborative Applications

This is an OnRobot company case study.   L'Oréal is a French industrial group specialising in cosmetic products, now the world leader in the cosmetics industry. In 2012, the brand opened... Read more

UR5 Universal Robots Ensure Faster Delivery of Blood Sample Results

Cobot Supplier/Integrator - Robotteknik     Two UR5 robots now optimise handling and sorting blood samples for analysis at the Copenhagen University Hospital in Gentofte. The solution enables the lab... Read more

Cobots Deliver Stable Supply of High Quality Products

Cobot Supplier/Integrator - Kantum Ushikata Corporation     GKN Driveline Japan Ltd is one of the UK-based GKN Automotive companies, a global company that develops and manufactures powertrain and driveline... Read more

The UR5 Makes all Employees Robot Experts

Cobot Supplier/Integrator - AH Automation (Sweden)     When Nordic Sugar went looking for a new generation of robots to automate the analysis of raw material samples, the most important... Read more

Benchmark Electronics Revolutionises Manufacturing Processes with Cobots

Cobot Supplier/Integrator - Autoflexible Advanced Engineering     Benchmark Electronics, an engineering, manufacturing, and integrated technology solutions provider for original equipment manufacturers, deployed four UR5 and two UR10e collaborative robots... Read more

Cobot Vision Inspection

In today’s fast-moving pace and ever-changing requests of manufacturing company customers, the ability to change and adapt is crucial. The project required a solution to allow for a flexible inspection... Read more

Optimised Production Processes with Collaborative Robots.

Cobot Supplier/Integrator - International Industry Services (IIS)     Böco Böddecker makes latching and closures for the automotive industry. To remain competitive and to increase flexibility, they chose to automate... Read more