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SP-EZPal Palletising Solutions

The SP-EZPal palletiser has been designed by SP Elements parent division, SP Automation & Robotics, who have been providing automation solutions since 1984. The solution is, therefore, designed and built to the same high standards that you would expect from a world-leading automation company.



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Dual Palletiser - Boxes & Pallet_NEW

Cobot Palletising

Developed to meet the demand of modern packaging environments, the system encompasses some of the latest, simplest and most advanced technology, making this system simple to program, whilst being robust and flexible

Single Palletiser - Conveyor, Boxes & Pallet2_NEW


There is no one size fits all, and therefore our palletisers can be reconfigured, to suit different infeed’s, single or double pallet layouts, and depending on speeds with or without guards

Designed for Safety

  • ISO 13849-1
  • ISO 10218-1
  • ISO/TS15066
  • UKCA
  • CE

Safety is paramount with any system, and the SP-EZPal has you covered. Utilising multiple scanners, the robot can continue to operate at high speeds, even during pallet changeovers, thus ensuring there should be no need to slow the system down during normal operation.

Dual Palletiser - Numbered Beams_clipped

Front Scanner

A zoned front scanner is used to monitor each pallet’s position. Once a pallet is ready to be removed, the scanner zone on that side will change state. This will allow for the safe removal of the pallet without interrupting the palletiser operation.

Dual Palletiser - Middle Beams_clipped

Internal Scanners

Two internal scanners, one at each side of the robot, are used to enable the cobot to operate at full speed during pallet changeovers. Should the scanner on the side that the pallet is being removed be interrupted, the cobot will stop.

Specification Overview

No two applications are the same, and this is why the SP-EZPal has been designed to utilise the best-fit cobot to suit your application. All cobots have the same simplistic programming and running attributes. The decision on what you need to use comes down to what reach and payload your application requires.



Providing a maximum payload of 12.5kg



Providing a maximum payload of 20kg

UR30 Cobot


Providing a maximum payload of 30kg

Need a Higher Payload?

Industrial options are available, contact us for more details.


Variable Height Stacking.

High Reach Capability

As standard, our palletisers utilise a market leading lift system that seamlessly integrates with the SP-EZPal control system. With a wide range of lift heights available, this sturdy 7th axis tackles high pallet heights easily. All our palletisers with axis lifts can be used with the UR10e and the UR20. In some cases, a 7th axis may not be required.

Gripper Options

A variety of standard and bespoke gripper options are available.

Compact Footprint

The SP-EZPal palletiser provides a practical, adaptable and effective way of palletising.

2 pallet SP-EZPal

1 pallet SP-EZPal

Are You Limited for Space?

The SP-EZPal is ideal for working with a limited footprint, with 1 or 2 pallet options.

Future Proof

If you have or are planning to use Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) the SP-EZPal can work with you. Your AMR can be integrated to work with the SP-EZPal giving you a fully automated palletising system.

Software/Set Up

Pally URcap is simple, flexible, and quick to install.

Technical Features

  • Fast and simple set up
  • No robot or programming experience needed to set up
  • Safe whilst providing high speeds
  • Compatible with UR10e, UR20 and UR30
  • Intelligent multi box lifting providing high palletising rates
  • Optimised pick up head gripper orientation
  • Loading of one or two pallets
  • Partial pallet loading options
  • Unlimited pallet configurations

Palletising Simulator

Simulations can be created on our website, to ensure the final downloadable program has been optimised. The optimisation helps in defining your output, safety and also optimising speeds and movements to ensure a long life for your equipment.


Try out the simulator, click on the screen below to get started.

Features & Benefits

  • Full offline Simulations to fully validate your application prior to purchase
  • Offline pallet creation through PALLY
  • Full path Generation and Operator software
  • Optimised pick up gripper orientation
  • Parts up to 20kg in weight
  • Automatic multi-pick - allowing high throughput at low speed
  • No 7th Axis required.


The SP-EZPal offers a number of additional benefits.

Training & Installation

Quick and easy to install, the SP-EZPal can be operating within two days. Full training by our team can be tailored to suit you. This can either be done at SP before installation or after installation depending what best suits you


With SP Elements being part of a full automated solution provider, we can offer a high level of technical support, either online or face to face

15 Month Warranty

Our system comes with a full 15 month warranty, to give you peace of mind with your new investment.


Many companies want to spread the cost of their new system. Partnering with DLL, there is sure to be an affordable option to suit you. Your SP-EZPal will start paying for itself from day one.