Application: Welding

Release Experienced Welders to Focus on Higher Value Work

System Supplier/Integrator - Olympus Technologies Ltd.   Storth Machinery Ltd. bought the Olympus Universal Robot Welding System in order to quickly and easily automate their lower value welding processes, to... Read more

Increase Volume and Quality with a Welding Cobot

System Supplier/Integrator - Olympus Technologies Ltd.   Welding Cobot. Presswork manufacturer SMB Pressings has increased its working capacity with investment in a new Universal Robot Welding System Read more

Maintenance Free UR Cobots Operate Continuously in Harsh Environment

Cobot Supplier/Integrator - Olympus Controls     Aircraft tooling, a repair centre for the aviation industry, was surprised to find that the UR robots could withstand the high temperatures and... Read more

Optimised Production Processes with Collaborative Robots.

Cobot Supplier/Integrator - International Industry Services (IIS)     Böco Böddecker makes latching and closures for the automotive industry. In order to remain competitive and to increase flexibility, they chose... Read more