SP Elements

Application: Machine Tending

Speeding Up CNC Machine Tending with RG2 Dual Grippers at FT-Production, Sweden

This is an OnRobot company case study regarding CNC Machine Tending.   CNC Machine Tending. FT-Produktion supplies metal parts to global industry leaders such as Volvo, Renault, and Scania and... Read more

Collaborative Automation Gives MedicoPack Even Cleaner Products in a Shorter Time

This is an OnRobot company case study.   Two collaborative robots (cobots) fitted with four grippers from OnRobot are assisting with two production lines at the MedicoPack factory in Langeskov,... Read more

Boosting Productivity and Reducing Cycle Time with VGC10 Gripper

This is an OnRobot company case study.   Australia-based Designed Mouldings is an injection moulding specialist that produces plastic caps and seals for customers in the packaging industry. The Covid-19... Read more

SANMATSU Automated with OnRobot Collaborative Applications

This is an OnRobot company case study.   "We produce over 100,000 items a month, of which about 70% are one-piece productions." That's how Mr. Tetsuro Tanabe, President/CEO of SANMATSU... Read more

L’Oréal Automates Hair Research Centre Through OnRobot Collaborative Applications

This is an OnRobot company case study.   L'Oréal is a French industrial group specialising in cosmetic products, now the world leader in the cosmetics industry. In 2012, the brand opened... Read more

B-Loony Ltd. Increases Productivity and Reduces Costs with Universal Robots

System Supplier/Integrator - RAR UK       B-Loony Ltd is a UK SME manufacturer of bespoke promotional products such as food flags, bunting and balloons. By deploying six UR3... Read more

Automotive Supplier Increases Productivity and Optimise Resources

Cobot Supplier/Integrator - Vicosystems     Multinational group MANN+HUMMEL implemented three collaborative Universal Robots to optimise processes in manufacturing automotive parts. The cobots, which work side-by-side with operators in precise... Read more

How Cobots Support the Elimination of Blindness from the World

Cobot Supplier/Integrator - GI India Automation and Systems Pvt. Ltd.     Universal Robots has been associated with Aurolab, an integral part of Aravind eye care systems, for the last... Read more