What benefits are there to Financing your Robot with Universal Robots?


October 2020


So, What benefits are there to financing your robot with Universal Robots? With the Universal Robots financing programme, collaborative automation has never been simpler. Include a collaborative robot in your production plant and forget about making the investment until the cobots work at full capacity in 2021.


Pay 0% deposit up-front and start payments in 2021, spreading the cost over 36 months.


Collaborative Robots

Cobots are becoming more and more popular and with an abundance of manufacturers bring them to market, they seem to have gained a good traction in the automation arena. Labelled as an almost out of the box solution, they do have a lot of kerb appeal.

Marketed as being designed to work next to humans they can be a good choice for enhancing production by removing repetitive tasks and carrying some dangerous or risky tasks so they can indeed potentially make working environments safer.


What benefits are there to financing your robot with Universal Robots?

  • Fast delivery: in just 2 weeks you can have your manufacture automated.
  • Return on investment: only pay when the cobot is up and running and boost the ROI.
  • The right team: Universal Robots’ engineers advise you at all times in order to recommend to you the product that best suits your needs.
  • Flexibility: when you complete your financing contract, you can continue with it, take ownership of the cobot, or replace it with new equipment.
  • Fiscal advantages: maximise financial flexibility and avoid upfront capital outlay


Find out more about financing your robot with Universal Robots – contact SP Elements  – 01382 880088 or [email protected]


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