Manufacturing Bounce Back from COVID – Free Cobot Leasing Until 2021

September 2020

Free Cobot Leasing Until 2021


The affect of COVID on many industries has been horrific, with many manufacturers reviewing how they can accommodate social distancing and implement the new safety measures whilst maintaining production levels. Manufacturers are carrying out continuity planning to ensure they can continue to operate should another spike hit.


To assist in this journey and in conjunction with SP Elements, for October, Universal Robots has launched a new series of Webinars under the title of SME Automation Month.  These are aimed at companies who want to ensure they can optimise their future utilising automation, in particular collaborative robots. This includes manufacturers which have repetitive operations within their processes, from machine tending to packaging and beyond.


In addition to the quick and simple deployment of these cobots, free onsite demos, by video or at our HQ in Dundee, and feasibility studies, Universal Robots is now offering a lease option for their cobots where you can take delivery now and start paying in 2021. This approach will allow you to see the UR functioning in your facilities, have it delivered within 1-2 weeks and operating free for the rest of the year.


Paying for itself before you are paying for it.


For more information, please register for the campaign at  or alternatively call Andrew Clouston at SP Elements on 07761 514749  [email protected]





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