How To – Pick & Place using Collaborative Robots

April 2020

How To – Pick & Place using Collaborative Robots


This is the first in our series of “How-To” using Collaborative Robots. Learn how these cobots are flexible and easy to programme, even for beginners.


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Our Speakers

Mark Gray

Sales Manager for UK & Ireland
[email protected]

Mark started his career as an electrical engineer and moved into automation working for a manufacturer of packaging and bottling machines for Coca Cola. After a move into sales Mark ran a distributor for Cognex vision systems for 14 years. Finally joining Universal Robots as UK manager 3 years ago to take responsibility for day to day business.


Andrew Clouston

Sales Engineer- SP Elements
[email protected]

Andrew Clouston is the Sales Engineer for SP Elements, a division of SP Automation & Robotics. A Mechanical Engineer, he has a background built-in industry, with over 20 years’ experience and knowledge in Manufacturing and Production environments. Andrew’s role is to assist companies that are looking to automate repetitive processes and require solutions within days as opposed to months.


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